by Kemet the Phantom

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(free) 03:37


Let peace be achieved through dance.


released March 27, 2012

Entirely produce, recorded and mastered by Kemet "thePhantom*" Coleman.


all rights reserved



Kemet the Phantom Kansas City

One of Kansas City's most heralded musicians, Kemet the Phantom straddles the line between retro soul and futuristic spirit. As a rapper singer and producer of both Rap and Dance music, Kemet the Phantom marries the two aesthetics with great poise.

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Track Name: Lights Down (ft. KJ & Leigh Gibbs)
[Intro: thePhantom*]
She wanna do her dance
So turn the lights downs
She wanna do her dance
So turn the lights down
The club is closing man
But keep the lights down
The club is closing man
But keep the lights down
She wanna do her dance
But turn the lights down
She wanna do her dance
But keep the...

[VERSE 1: thePhantom*]
My crew we causing trouble
Cause we drink until we stumble
So just shake it on the double
Girl I wanna make you work
And I don't keep it on the humble
Make it steamy like a jungle
Seeing me with a bundle
And I wanna make you twerk
And time is wasting my mind is racing
And I ain't chasing but I ain't gone lie
The way that your body movin'
You're making me wanna do ya
Even everybody saying oh my
Ain't a vacation but you might think it is
Because you know that thePhantom* stay fly
Body rocking no stopping and take shots
Get dumb! Like Wocka Flocka
Like Tech N9ne, looking for a Bianca
Beatrices with conduct
And you can drive a Honda
Just let me get behind ya
Would love to have the honor
So girl don't put your wall up
That's cool, that's tight
But I ain't tryna see what your face look like!

[HOOK: Leigh Gibbs]
Can you keep the lights...down
I just want it dark, music loud
I just wanna dance, to my song
So come on before they turn the lights on

Before they turn the lights on
Baby can you pop on top of me
I see that thing bouncing up and down
Like 6-4's in the street
You ain't even gotta speak
I just wanna make you sweat
Like somebody pulled a gun out
Sexy ladies hit the deck
You caught my eye from far away
Wit your girls dancing on that stage
By the end of the night
I'mma have you screamin' my name
I live my life in the fast lane
...Newports, chronic, champagne
I wanna see what face you make
When you bounce on my bed springs
Party like we on south beach
But we in Kansas City
Where we buy girls shot after shot
Til' they leave with us tipsy
Getting super drunk and shitty
Find me in the club like 50
Most girls be takin shots of vodka
But I just stick with whiskey


[VERSE 3: thePhantom*]
She wanna do her dance
Baby how you shake it
I don't think that I can take it
That thing is so amazing
I don't know how I can phrase it
The temperature is raising
I'm victim to your daze miss
All night, party right
Every single day

[Verse 4: KJ]
And in every single way
I wanna see that ass shake
Like an earthquake hit the gas
Throw it back then I'mma make ya back break
Me and phantom hit the door
Them ladies got they hands up
Need trees to kill my night
Like Sunny Bono cause I'm fucked up